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We improvise music of diverse electronic genres during our 100%-improvised sets. We use our voices, software synths and drum machines. We are propelled by the adrenaline and the surprise of not knowing what will happen. We are fed by those instants where everything flows resulting in an atmosphere that unites us. We invite you join us in our ephemeral sets where the music we play only exists in that session.


Aráoz & Alex Toms - Health (Improvisation) [Live] on Spotify and YouTube (session video)

YouTube (session video)

A few times when improvising everything seems to converge and things happen effortlessly. This is the first time for us to feel a session could become an album, unedited, as it is. The mix was done while playing. We mastered the final version to perform some final volume control. The video appears on Youtube and the audio on major streaming platforms on February 20th. The artwork is a picture Ali Bardavid took in Tafí del Valle, where we did the recording.

Aráoz & Alex Toms - Improvised Set 1 @