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What you want

- take your first creations to streaming platforms
- find your audience, be heard
- develop your skills, gain independence and
- unlock the habit of releasing music consistently

How it works

Two or three-hour Zoom calls where we work on your music. At each session, you learn by working. After a session, we give you material to study and work to be done for the following session.

Where we help

     Setting up your DAW (Ableton, Logic, others) and plugins
     Composition and arrangement
     Beat creation
     Mixing and Mastering
     Author and artists right registration
     Distribution to Spotify, Beatport and all major streaming platfroms
     Online promotion of your music: find your audience

Pricing (payment via PayPal)

- Two-hour session: U$D 25 or 23 EUR
- Three-hour session: U$D 35 or 30 EUR

All genres

- You keep the project (Ableton or Logic Pro X)
- You gain experience and independence for your next releases

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Latest Release

"Texture" by Alex Toms on YouTube, Spotify and other platforms!

Artwork by Martín Guimarães López Instagram
Written and produced by Alex Toms.

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